EQIS is now NABL Accredited as per ISO 17025 Standard in   NDT, Chemical & Mechanical Disciplines

  • 1

    Automobile Industry


    Wheels turn on these million mechanical components that tirelessy keep working it. NDT can resolve your fabrication issues and assure its quality to its best performance.


  • 2

    Renewable Energy

    NDT helps this novel industry continuously monitor the sturdiness of the structure and is capable of assessing the remaining life of useful service.


  • 3

    Steel Fabrication

    Fabricating a highly critical component? NDT helps you reduce cost and save time by verifying the right material grade, instantaneously right at your site.

  • 4

    Steel Yard

    Buying raw material from a yard? What if flaws open up during the final stage of machining? NDT gives you complete piece of mind by helping you pick the right material even before you start.

  • 5

    Shipping Industry

    The heart of ship building relies on the quality of its of welded structures, NDT can help you check the quallity at ease.


  • 6


    Building up a steel structure? Experience complete peace of mind about your commissioning problems as NDT serves you in real time by inspecting your welds right on site.

  • 7


    The Power Industry is the nation building industry. NDT techniques help identify most of the design issues while meeting stringent quality standards and tight deadlines

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Featured Services 

NABL Site & Laboratory Testing                     

NABL Laboratory Testing  


         Water TestingNew Services at EQIS TDS,ph,Saline,Conductivity,ORP

         Radiographic Inspection 

Gamma Ray & X-Ray with Digitizer

         OES Based Chemical Testing 

         Ferrite Meter Ferritoscope FMP30New Services at EQIS

         Digitize Radiographs

         Tensile Test 

         FLIR Infra Red Imager 

         Magnetic Particle Inspection

         Tensile 0.2% Proof Stress 

         PMI Services (Si, S, P, Al - Light Elements Too!)

         Liquid Penetrant Testing

         Allied Bend Tests

         Portable Hardness Testing

         Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging

         Brinell Hardness Test

         Industrial Boroscopy / Visual Testing

         Ultrasonic Inspection

         Rockwell Hardness Test

         Portable Eddy Current Testing

         Hardness Testing

         Charpy Impact Test

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